Freelance Boot Camps FencerMy classes on Pricing and Negotiating – two of the most popular from the Business Boot Camp for Freelance Writers course – are now available in a stand-alone bundle. These classes teach two of the most important business skills that most of us never learned in school.

Setting prices for writing services is a mine field. Price your services too high, and you won’t get hired. Price them too low, and you might not be taken seriously. Without a doubt, the biggest mistake I made at the start of my freelance writing business was setting prices that were way too low. And it hurt me financially for the first year and a half.

The first class in the bundle, Price Your Writing Services to Compete and Thrive, will teach you strategies for getting paid what you’re worth. The second class, Negotiate and Close the Deal, addresses basic strategies for handling prospects who don’t want to pay full price. Most importantly, this class offers ideas on how to discount and package services to get the prospect to say, “Yes.”

Check out the Pricing and Negotiating class here.