Freelance Boot Camps FencerWhat are you going to do with all that extra time you earn from your freelance writing business? That’s right, I asked you about time, not money. Sure, I want you to make lots of money freelance writing. But the truth is most freelancers who stay in freelancing long term do it more for the extra time than the money.

Say again? I know you hear all kinds of stories about small business owners who work non-stop, and I’m sure many are true. In all honesty, however, those folks aren’t doing it right. The successful freelance writers I know make good money without working themselves to death. They’ve figured out how to keep their businesses running like finely tuned violins. And many of them know exactly how many hours to work each week before they hit the point of diminishing return where the value of time lost becomes greater than the value of money earned.

In other words, they could spend more time working but would rather trade the money for time spent doing other things. If you think about it, that’s all life is – a series of tradeoffs between time and money. The problem for most people is they are stuck in full-time jobs or career tracks where the tradeoff is no longer optional. For freelancers, however, your time is your own, and it’s up to you to decide how and when you’ll trade it for cash. Lots of people call this freedom.

Keep in mind the freelance lifestyle is one that inherently saves you time anyway. Simply not commuting to work every day has added more than one year of extra time to my life over the past 25 years! And traffic jams? They are almost a thing of the past too because I rarely schedule business meetings near rush hour. Cha-ching! More time in the bank. Guess what else? Most freelancers I know rarely work an eight-hour day. I probably average about six. And I still manage to make a terrific living. You might work more, you might work less. Up to you. Freedom.

This kind of freelancing success doesn’t happen overnight, of course, and it definitely takes hard work. As I’ve told many a writer’s group, it took me a few years to achieve financial success with my freelancing – not because I wasn’t a good writer, but because I wasn’t a smart business owner.

That’s why I created Business Boot Camp for Freelance Writers, a course designed to teach you in about eight hours what it took me years to learn. This online course explains how to implement the business processes you need so you can become financially successful at freelance writing.

Sign up now for Business Boot Camp for Freelance Writers and start putting grains of sand back into the hourglass. The cost of the course is minor compared to the extra hours of life you’ll earn from your freelance writing business. Register for the Standard course with classes only, or the Deluxe course with one-on-one coaching. (The coaching sessions are the only difference between the two.)

For a limited time, enter the discount code intro50 at checkout to receive $50 off either the Standard or Deluxe course.

So, how will you spend all that extra time?Freelance Boot Camps Fencer


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