Two Aspects of Freelancing That Caught Me By Surprise – One Good, One Not

Even though I had been freelancing part time for years before I finally took the full-time plunge, several things that I didn’t expect caught me off guard not long after I started my business. Two are particularly noteworthy. One was a pleasant surprise, but the other was a shock. Here they are. Consider yourself warned. The Good: My opinions and advice became more valuable – My last real job was a relatively high-profile one for a company that was a major player in the same industry where I launched my freelance writing business.

Which Freelance Writing Job Pays the Best?

Over the past 25 years, I have accepted all kinds of freelance writing jobs, and some definitely pay better than others. In this YouTube video, I weigh in with my thoughts on which types of writing projects are the most lucrative. As you watch, please keep two...

Three Things That Addicted Me to Freelance Writing

When I jumped into full-time freelance writing 25 years ago, I hoped to make a career of it, but I still had my doubts. To hedge my bets, I was helping a friend get a new magazine off the ground, a job that took about a week per month. He wanted me onboard as editor once the cash flow improved, and I viewed it as a good fallback if the writing thing didn’t work out.

But within three months, I was hooked. The freelance writing lifestyle was so addictive I vowed to do everything I could to make a living at it. I knew then I was never going to punch a timeclock at the magazine or anywhere else for that matter.

Five of the Smartest Things I Did When Starting My Freelance Writing Business

As I wrote in an earlier blog, I sure made a lot of mistakes when I started as a full-time freelance writer, but I learned from every one of them. On the plus side, however, I also made some really smart decisions about how to run my business in those early days. Most of them have stuck with me through to today, and I have no doubt they played a big part in surviving the first few years.

Here are five smart ideas for starting your own business:

Focus on Honing Business Skills – The smartest decision I made was to spend as much time as possible sharpening my business skills.

Don’t Panic: You’ve Just Lost Your Biggest Freelance Writing Client

Fifteen years ago, I lost two of my biggest clients in a span of about two months. Together, they accounted for nearly 80% of my income. That was scary. But I didn’t panic. Instead, I devised a strategy to make up for the lost revenue.

Let me digress for a moment to define ‘big client.’ It doesn’t matter if a client is worth $10,000 or $100,000 per year, they are big if they account for more than about 20% of your annual revenue.

OK, back to my story. In an ideal world, I would have simply replaced the two lost clients with two more of the same size.