Freelance Boot Camps FencerNo doubt about it. The hardest thing about running a freelance writing business is keeping the pipeline full of work. Finding new prospects and converting them into paying clients is critical to business success. Unfortunately, it’s also where many freelancers fail. Let’s face it – few writers have any formal training in marketing and sales. But market and sell we must. This is not optional.

With this in mind, I am pleased to offer “The Freelance Writer’s Marketing & Sales Mini-Course.” It includes five classes taken directly from the complete Business Boot Camp for Freelance Writers Course. I’ve broken these classes out from the complete course for those of you who have the rest of your freelance business under control but just need to take a deep dive into marketing your business, tracking leads and closing sales.

Between now and March 1, 2019, you can take the Mini-Course for half price!

The Marketing & Sales Mini-Course teaches you:

  • How to create a marketing message that sets you apart and conveys the value of hiring you
  • Fourteen ways to deliver your marketing message to people who will hire you
  • The basic strategy of selling writing services
  • How to deliver your pitch and overcome negative responses
  • Stay on top of leads and close the sale

If you only have the time and money to invest in one course to make your freelance writing business succeed, this Mini-Course is for you.

Click here to enroll and enter MiniDeal at checkout to receive a 50% discount. Valid until March 1, 2019, and may not be combined with other discounts.


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