Freelance Boot Camps FencerThere are few things I enjoy more than speaking to writers’ groups and getting people fired up about freelancing. If you organize or attend a meeting for writers in the Colorado Front Range, give me a shout. I’d love to come and chat with your group. (Even if your meeting isn’t located in Colorado, maybe we can work something out.) I have two talks – complete with PowerPoint slides – ready to present right now. And I always stick around to answer plenty of questions. Here are quick overviews of my presentations: Three Keys to Freelance Writing Success – In story format, Kevin recounts his early career as a journalist and PR guy in the Washington, D.C., area and how those jobs compelled him to start his own freelance business providing writing services to high tech organizations worldwide. Kevin dives into the three discoveries he made about freelance writing that have played crucial roles in his success over the past 25 years. And the best part of this presentation? None of this is rocket science. You can do it too! Five Changes that Ignited My Freelance Income – After giving a quick overview of how he started his freelance writing business, Kevin focuses on five important course corrections he made during the early years that had dramatic positive impacts on his revenue. Whether you are a freelancer just getting started or an established writer with some experience selling your work, you will walk away from this presentation with lessons and ideas you can implement right away to improve your writing business. To schedule a live presentation, contact me at