Freelance Boot Camps FencerI earn a lot of money every year writing and distributing press releases for my commercial clients. And I make a point of letting first-time freelancers know they should include this skill in their portfolio of writing services. But like so many other talents, writing an effective press release is an acquired skill that takes practice and patience. Guidance from an expert helps too. That’s why I turned to my friend Glenn Letham for a few tips on the fine art of writing the press release.

Glenn understands press releases from both sides of the editor’s desk. For at least 15 years, I’ve known Glenn as the editor/publisher of an online industry trade newsletter called GISuser. In this capacity, he literally reads hundreds of releases every week. Wearing a different hat, Glenn writes his own press announcements (and some darn good social media posts too) as Chief Marketing Officer for GEO Jobe, a GIS solutions company.

I asked Glenn to draw on his considerable knowledge of this topic and offer up some advice. Take a listen as Glenn discusses his three tips on writing an effective press release, i.e., one that gets in print or is published online!


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